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In Russia the thieves missed the train

In Russia thieves missed the train: Thieves attempted to kidnap the train in the city of Lobnya, near the Russian capital Moscow. Thieves trying to hijack a commuter train at a station in the city, unable to reach their goals, the train returned to scrapping. Wagon store yesterday [more…]

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EVRAZ supplies rail to Russian Railways

EVRAZ supplied rails to Russian Railways: Russian mining and steel production company Evraz Group announced that R65 DT-350 quality rail production has started and the first batch of 10.000 mt of rails has been sent to Russian Railways. [more…]

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Trans-Siberian Express with Baykal's mirror

In the mirror of Trans-Siberian Express and Baikal: The lake of shamans and legends, Baikal is a 600 kilometer-long nature monument in the Siberian region of Russia. Until the end of April the largest freshwater source of the earth among the high mountains [more…]

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The locomotive of locomotive Moscow created controversy

Locomotive Moscow's locomotive created controversy: Locomotive Moscow, one of the leading football teams in Russia, received intense criticism for the images used in the promotional photos of the new team jerseys. In the promotional photos of their new jerseys, the players will be used by the team. [more…]

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Innovations coming to the Russian Railway sector

Innovations are coming to the Russian Railway sector: Prime Minister Medvedev, members of government and interested parties will discuss innovations in the railway sector. According to the government press service, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that today the capital Rijskov station [more…]


Liberalized Railways

Our Liberalized Railways, prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications within the framework of the restructuring of the railway sector, and explained to the Unions by the TCDD management at the General Directorate on 08.01.2013, “About the Liberalization of Railway Transport in Turkey”. [more…]