Railways from Ottoman to Present
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Railways from Ottoman to Present

Despite the economic difficulties of the successive wars, the Ottoman Empire gave importance to railway projects. Projects such as Marmaray were even pronounced for the first time in this period. Continued in the early years of the Republic [more…]

Intercity Railways

Civil Aviation in Railways Liberalization

Civil Aviation should be taken as an example in the liberalization of railways: ece The Future of Railway düzenlen organized in cooperation with International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD) and Istanbul Bar Logistics and Transport Law Commission. [more…]

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What will be the historical train stations

What will happen to the historical train stations: What will happen to Haydarpaşa Station in the high-speed train project kazanyeast started. Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek has signaled that the station will be included in the scope of privatization. Well, Gebze-Söğütlüçeşme and Sirkeci-Halkalı between [more…]

Intercity Railways

Rumeli Railways and Train Stations

Rumelia Railways and Train Stations: The first train in the western world, after various preliminary trials, in 1825, on the short railway line laid between the towns of Darlington and Stockton in England, at a speed of 20 km per hour. [more…]


Railway lines from Ottoman to present

Railway lines from the Ottomans to the present day: The Hijaz Railway was built by the Ottoman State and all of it was supplied from domestic sources. In a state of “Backward! X, 1900, 1500 km of its own knowledge, people and all from their own resources [more…]