Samsun's Choice Was Domestic Tram

Samsun's Choice Was Domestic Tram: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, agreed within the scope of Gar-Tekkeköy Light Rail System Line Project Durmazlar Machinery Inc. Company signed a protocol for the purchase of 8 trains. mastiff [more…]

16 Bursa

State support will boost rail system investments

Government support will increase rail system investments: The sector welcomed the decision of the Council of Ministers, which envisions the completion of projects initiated by local governments but not completed by the Ministry of Transport. Council of Ministers published on rail systems [more…]


RAYDER and ARUS's indigenous revolt

RAYDER and ARUS's indigenous rebellion: RAYDER and ARUS criticize South Korean Eurotem and Chinese CSR for not fulfilling their commitments. The condition of complying with the domestic contribution from the participating international companies in the specifications of all important projects in the world [more…]

16 Bursa

Aydin silkworm gave information about the tram

Aydın gave information about the silkworm tram: Bursa Engineers and Architects Businessmen's Association (BUMİAD) presented Taha Aydın, who is known as the Technical Advisor to the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and the father of the tram, at the dinner organized in the association building. [more…]

16 Bursa

IRIS General Information Training in Bursa

IRIS General Information Training will be held in Bursa: TÜV Teknik Kontrol ve Belgelasyon A.Ş. 15-16 will be conducting IRIS General Information Training (BURSA) in Bursa on May 2014. 10% discount if our RAYDER members wish to participate in the training [more…]


Local companies need to meet on rails

Supposed to meet with the public in rail domestic firms: Turkey stood an important area of ​​recent attacks on rail systems and high-speed train from Marmaray` the number will highlight domestic producers from increasing with each passing day subway [more…]


TCDD 18 has defined the profession

TCDD 18 made the definition of the profession General Manager of TCDD Süleyman Karaman spoke at the closing meeting of UY Establishment of UYS and VOC-TEST Center in Railway Sector Project Proj. - CD Only 45 thousand euros of the cost was paid by TCDD Foundation ” [more…]

34 Istanbul

rail panel will be held in Turkey

Istanbul branch of the Chamber of rail panel on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 13.30:XNUMX pm Mechanical Engineers in Turkey Kadıköy It will be held at its representative office. Participants: Bahçeşehir University BTS (United Transport Union) Chamber of Civil Engineers [more…]