New Turkey High Speeds Coming

New Turkey High Speeds Coming: City Management Specialist Professor Dr. Recep Bozlağan, "Turkey is signing a strategic success. Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line, which will be put into service on Thursday, [more…]


Double road out of rail

Does the AKP have a transportation policy? Does it have a style, a goal? For example, during the construction of double roads, the Republic was proud of making the longest roads in history. Now those double roads are falling, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Was there a metro investment in Ottoman history?

Kartal- to be launched todayKadıköy in advertising in various broadcast organs of the metro; It is expressed as “THE BIGGEST METRO INVESTMENT IN THE REPUBLIC HISTORY”. I think this sentence is not true. I do not understand why it is only called Republic History. [more…]