electric car attack
86 China

Electric Car Attack from China

The trend of the day is for electric vehicles; but in general they are more expensive than their fossil fuel counterparts such as gasoline. Now this issue has been addressed by a Chinese manufacturer and e-cars are also [more…]

Europe's first hybrid plant counts days
16 Bursa

Europe's First Hybrid Plant Counts Days

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the aluminum engine block will be produced for the first time in Turkey at the Oyak Renault High Pressure Aluminum Injection Factory, and said, “This factory is the only hybrid engine of Renault in our country and in Europe. [more…]

renault sales nearly fell
16 Bursa

Renault Sales Down About 7!

The Renault Group managed to resist the 7,1 decline in the global market, shrinking 6,7 percent, and retained its 1 market share of 938 million 579 million 4,4 vehicles with sales of XNUMX million. Group of the Year [more…]

domestic motor studies in our country

Indigenous Motor Studies in Turkey

19 is the first 20 diesel engine to be offered to humanity by German engineer Rudolf Diesel for the first time in the late 19th century. century has completed its technological development in the second half. In our country for the first time in 1956 Prof.. Dr. [more…]

estas manufactures shafts all over the world
58 Sivas

ESTAŞ Exports the Produced Shafts to the World

ESTAŞ, which operates in the Organized Industrial Zone in Sivas, produces eccentric camshafts used in automobiles of Industrial 6 quality in its new factory established in a thousand square meters closed area of ​​4.0. ESTAS, heavy vehicles of world famous brands [more…]

34 Istanbul

Zipcar grows with Otokoç's Hourly Car Rental

Zipcar grows with Otokoç's Hourly Car Rental: Robin Chase, who was named among the “100 most influential people in the world” by Time Magazine, paid a visit to Turkey to talk about Zipcar, which he founded. Chase participated in “Smart in Transportation [more…]


Nostalgic buses show off

Nostalgic buses are showcased: “Transist 143 2014th International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair, which was organized within the scope of Public Transportation Week events this year by IETT, which has a history of 7 years in Istanbul, starts tomorrow. at the fair [more…]


OYAK Renault, the leader of Bursa

OYAK Renault, the leader of Bursa: According to the “Bursa's Top 250 Large Firms Research”, the largest industrial company in the city was OYAK Renault with a turnover of 8,6 billion liras. OYAK Renault has a turnover of 7,3 billion liras [more…]

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy in Turkey

Renault Twizy in Turkey : Renault Twizy is an environmentally friendly 2% electric quadricycle / 100-wheel vehicle with zero CO4 emissions with its extraordinary design. Twizy is comfortable, fun, brave and [more…]

33 France

For Renault Formla E

On the track for Renault Formla E: Less than five months before the FIA ​​Formula E Championship starts in September at 13 in Beijing, FEH and Spark Racing Technology are the official technical partners of the competition. [more…]