Police Detour Ray Thieves

Police: Rail Thieves Red-Light: On the high-speed train line in Konya, the police, disguised as municipal workers, caught 5 suspects red-handed, after the rail tracks that were used as barriers were constantly stolen. Konya Meram [more…]


Ray thieves caught | Erzurum

Rail thieves were caught 43 connection rails belonging to the State Railways were seized during the road application in Pasinler District of Erzurum. According to the information obtained, the road application made by the police teams in Pasinler District [more…]


Ray Thieves Caught

Ray Thieves Caught Siirt Provincial Gendarmerie Command in the idle state of the person who stole 6 rails caught. According to the information given, Kurtalan District Gendarmerie in the dormant state of State Railways in the area of ​​responsibility [more…]


Ray Thieves Caught in Siirt

In the Kurtalan district of Siirt, 6 people were detained for allegedly stealing train tracks. In the statement made by Siirt Governorship, Kurtalan District Gendarmerie Command teams said that train rail anchors belonging to the State Railways (DDY) were stolen. [more…]