39 Kırklareli

Railroad Theft In The Kirklarel

The 25-meter train rail and traverse irons were stolen by using oxygen cylinders near Kavaklı town of Kırklareli. According to the learned sage, TCDD officials noticed that the train tracks were cut near the Kavaklı town of Kırklareli. [more…]


2 Detention on Ray Theft

2 Detention for Rail Theft: 2 person who was allegedly stealing scrap rails on the railroad of State Railways (DDY) in Samsun was detained by the Gendarmerie. The incident occurred in the district of Ilkadim Güzeldere district. [more…]


Ray Theft Allegation in Kangal

Alleged Rail Theft in Kangal: 2 people were detained in Kangal district of Sivas, allegedly stealing rails belonging to TCDD. According to the information received, it was alleged that he tried to steal the rails on the railway line near the village of Yeşilkale. [more…]


The claim of ray theft in Hekimhanda

Allegation of theft of rails in Hekimhan: 2 people, who were taken into custody for stealing the idle rails in the district of Hekimhan in Malatya, were released pending trial. According to the information obtained, idle land belonging to TCDD in Hekimhan district [more…]