01 Adana

Transfer of Adana Light Rail Transportation System (Metro) to Ministry of Transport and High Speed ​​Train Projects Discussed

The ATO Delegation said, “As soon as possible, problems such as the transfer of the Light Rail Transportation System (Metro) to the Ministry of Transport, the removal of the construction obstacle in the Wildlife Protection Zone and the inclusion of Adana within the scope of the high-speed train project should be resolved as soon as possible. [more…]


Planned High Speed ​​Lines

Ankara İzmir Project Ankara-İzmir (via Manisa): 663 km Ankara-İzmir (via Kemalpaşa): 624 km Travel Time (Current time via Manisa) :. 14 hours Ankara-Izmir (via Manisa): 3 p. 50 min. Ankara-Izmir (via Kemalpasa): 3 p. [more…]