Minister Arslan to the Eastern Black Sea train gospel

The good news of the train to the Eastern Black Sea from Minister Arslan: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan stated that they will connect Eastern Anatolia and the Eastern Black Sea with the train line and said, “The train load going from Karstan to the west will also reach the Black Sea. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Opening date of Third Airport

The opening date of the Third Airport has been announced: Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım announced the opening date of Istanbul's new airport at the opening ceremony of the Eurasia Tunnel, the project of the century. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım at the opening of the Eurasia Tunnel, Istanbul's new [more…]

91 India

Train crashed in India by 13 dead

Bus and train collided in India 13 Dead: 12 children and bus driver died as a result of the train crashing into a school bus at a level crossing in the south of India. Ravi Nallamala, the police official who gave information on the subject, said: [more…]

10 Balikesir

Balıkesir rail system is coming

Balıkesir rail system is coming: Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Edip Uğur, Balikesir Rail System, said the button was pressed for implementation. Uğur, who was briefed by DDY İzmir Regional Directorate, [more…]


Black Sea Railway to Open the World

Let's Open the World with the Black Sea Railway Rize City Council Railway Working Group President Hamit Turna, in his statement drew attention to the importance of the Black Sea Railway. Turna said, en While the age of railroads in the world starts again, the Black Sea Railway [more…]