Support to railway safety
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Support to Railway Safety from ITU

institutions that work for the railways to be more modern and safe Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) continues to perform along with new studies. One of these studies is that Istanbul Technical University (ITU) [more…]

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TCDD-TÜBİTAK R & D Workshop Held

Ali İhsan Uygun, General Manager of TCDD, stated that they are rapidly moving towards becoming a global player with the great changes and transformations they have realized, not only as a spectator in the global race that started in the railway sector in the world. Two national organizations of our country [more…]

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Eyes in the private sector

Eyes on the railway are now in the private sector: The regulation that will remove TCDD's monopoly and enable the private sector to carry freight with its own locomotive has finally been issued. Investment of 2023 billion dollars by the public and private sector by 150 [more…]

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Regulation on Authorization of Railway Management

Railway Management Authorization Regulation Published: One of the most important regulations regarding the liberalization of railway transportation, “Railway Management Authorization Regulation” was published in the Official Gazette dated August 19 and entered into force. Railway infrastructure operator [more…]

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New era in railway management

New era in railway management: The principles regarding the authorization of the activities of the railway infrastructure operator and railway train operators and the activities of the organizer, agency, broker, station or station operator in the field of railway transportation have been published in the Official Gazette. [more…]


DDGM and DTD Regulation Evaluation Meeting Held

DDGM and DTD Regulation Evaluation Meeting was Held: "Railway Management Authorization Regulation", which will come into force after the Liberalization of the Railway Sector, was conveyed to DTD by the UDHB Railway Regulation General Directorate and requested its opinions and suggestions. [more…]

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Freight to Rail Freight

With the Liberalization of Railways, Transportation Costs Will Decrease: After the liberalization of the railways, investments will increase with the widespread use, and transportation costs will decrease in parallel. Hakan Orduhan, Member of the Board of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), said, “After the liberalization of the railways, [more…]

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Description of TCDD wadded wagon

Clutch wagon statement from TCDD: Yesterday (on 04.06.2015) there were untrue news in some press organs regarding the start of the harem-selamlık period on trains. TCDD, passenger demand/complaints on passenger trains and the world [more…]

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Action in front of Sirkeci Station

Action in front of the Sirkeci station: In front of the station, there was an action against the withdrawal of Sirkeci Station for rent, in the face of the attempt to withdraw the Sirkeci Station for rent, after Haydarpaşa Station. [more…]