rail systems engineering in europe
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Rail Systems Engineering in Europe

With the Erasmus + (KA203) Project written jointly by Karabuk University Rail Systems Engineering students and members of the National Youth Academy (UGA) project team, the equivalence of the Rail Systems Engineering department in Europe will be ensured. “The Future [more…]

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Karabük University Students Examined the Marmaray

Karabük University Students Examined Marmaray: Karabük University Railway Systems Engineering students visited Marmaray and made observations. Students who have received information from the authorities about the construction phases and techniques of Marmaray will be able to [more…]


Karabük University Rail Systems Club

Karabuk University Rail Systems Club What is Rail Systems? The rail systems sector incorporates many engineering disciplines. These include civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, signaling engineering, mechatronics [more…]


A First Rail Systems Engineering in Turkey

A First Rail Systems Engineering in Turkey The Rail Systems Engineering department, which was opened as a result of the cooperation of TCDD, Karabük Iron and Steel Factories and Karabuk University, will enable Karabük to become a Rail System Valley. in Karabuk [more…]


Department of Rail Systems Engineering

The rail systems engineering department aims to train engineers specializing in rail, subway and similar rail transport. The importance of rail systems is increasing day by day and developing and transportation is carried to rail systems as much as possible. [more…]