traffic density decreased in Istanbul
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Traffic Density Decreased by 6 Percent in Istanbul

Despite the increase in population and number of vehicles every year in Istanbul, it is confirmed by international independent researchers that the investments made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in transportation and smart solutions significantly reduce traffic density. world [more…]

rail system lines and lengths of Istanbul
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Istanbul's Rail System Lines and Lengths

The fastest and most practical solution of public transportation is metro today. It provides fast, punctual and comfortable transportation between two points without getting stuck in traffic. The metro is a must in modern cities. Many [more…]

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70 Metro Tender to Relax Istanbul

The tender to determine the route of the new 70 kilometer metro line to Istanbul and to prepare the projects was canceled. SözcüAccording to Özlem GÜVEMLİ, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Planning,, Istanbul in general [more…]

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Increase in Rail System Use in Istanbul

There is an increase in the use of rail systems in Istanbul: According to the data of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2013 Transportation Report, the transportation habits of Istanbul residents have changed with the introduction of new rail systems. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2013 Transportation Report data [more…]