yht accident that the person starts today
06 Ankara

YHT Accident Kills 9 Persons Start Today

The trial of 2018 defendants, 9 of whom are detained and 3 of whom are pending, related to the high-speed train (YHT) accident that occurred in Ankara in 7, in which 10 people lost their lives, will begin today. With the YHT, where the Ankara Konya expedition is made [more…]

ankara eskisehir and ankara istanbul yht warning says I'm an accident
06 Ankara

High-Speed ​​Train Still No Signalization

No Lesson Learned From The Disaster According to CHP Deputy Still No Signaling on YHT; CHP Ankara Deputy Murat Emir said that the lack of electronic signaling, which caused the train accident in which 9 people lost their lives in Ankara last year, is not responsible for Başkentray [more…]

yht passengers stranded on eve
54 Sakarya

Ankara Istanbul YHT Passengers Stranded in Arifiye

Ankara Istanbul YHT Passengers Stuck in Arifiye. In the morning hours, 2 machinists lost their lives in Bilecik. kazanAfter the closure of the road, the train passengers who made the Ankara-Istanbul expedition were transferred to the buses by getting off the train in Bozüyük. [more…]

Why are trains
06 Ankara

Why Trains Collide?

Due to road renewal works between Kayaş and Sincan, the signaling system at the scene was temporarily canceled. The fact that the signaling system has not been activated even though the line has been renewed and put into service is an issue that needs to be explained. Railway statistics [more…]

negligence chain signaling from night to night
06 Ankara

Chain of Negligence in Train Crash in Ankara

Shortly after taking action for the Ankara-Konya expedition, 3 people, including 9 mechanics, lost their lives, caused by the High Speed ​​​​Train colliding with the guide train on the same line. kazanIt was understood that this was caused by the chain of negligence. [more…]

06 Ankara

Wreckage of Train Accident in Ankara Removed

As a result of the collision of the high-speed train (YHT), which makes the Ankara-Konya expedition, with the guide locomotive at the Marşandiz station of Yenimahalle district, 3 people, including 9 mechanics, lost their lives and 86 people were injured. kazandebris removal after [more…]