Increased the use of new regular ferryboats in Izdeniz
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New Order Increased Use of Ferry in İZDENİZ

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate's new voyage order, which has been put into practice since February 1, has increased the use of ferryboats. The number of vehicles transported by ferry in the first 15 days compared to the same period of the previous month. [more…]

Mordogan and Foca Expeditions
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İZDENİZ's Mordoğan and Foça Expeditions Start

İZDENİZ's Mordoğan and Foça Expeditions Begin: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has turned its sea transportation route into the city's favorite holiday destinations with the summer season. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started Urla ferry services in the past weeks, [more…]

urla steamship starts mayista
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Urla Ferry Expeditions Start on May 18

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate is starting the Urla ferry service from 18 May. KarşıyakaFollowing the , Konak, Güzelbahçe route and ending at Urla Pier, the expeditions will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. The latest technology [more…]

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Izmir Urla Ferries Start

Izmir Urla Ferry Schedules Beginning: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has revolutionized the sea transportation with the new generation ships equipped with the latest technology, has turned its route to the outer gulf with the summer season. Foca will start on the second day of the holiday [more…]

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Number of Red Flags is 48

The number of Red Flags reached 48: The number of “Red Flags”, which were distributed only in İzmir in Turkey, for places and vehicles that facilitate the life of the disabled, reached 3 in 48 years. Finally, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ [more…]

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10 of the new cruise ships of Izmir also came

The 10th of İzmir's new cruise ships has arrived: The 10th of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's new cruise ships has also arrived. For the ship called “Sait Altınordu”, a meeting will be held at Konak Pier tomorrow with the participation of President Kocaoğlu. [more…]