Akçaray flights began

Akçaray flights started: Akçaray finally landed on the tracks. Tramway starts today at 7: 00 today The tramway we've been waiting for months has finally started. From the storage area at the bus station to Seka Park [more…]


Akçaray construction is progressing rapidly

The construction of Akçaray is progressing rapidly: The Tramway Project, which is among the promises of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues at the Central Bank without slowing down. Center of the Tram Project, which is one of the promises of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Tram Road will pass by the monument

The Tramway Road will pass by the monument: The Tramway Road, which is under construction from the east of Izmit in the direction of SEKA Park, also passes through Doğukışla Park. Due to the Tramway, the statue of the soldier in the Doğu Barracks Youth Park is also visible. [more…]


Bar street shopkeeper looking for support

Bar Street Street artisans are looking for support: Kocaeli Entertainment Places Association, founded by Bar Street Street artisans, visited Kocaeli Branch of Chamber of Architects. Barlar Street will be demolished due to the tram line project of the Metropolitan [more…]


Tram to break down Bar Street

Tram will demolish the Bar Street: The tram project, which has been put forward in every election period in Kocaeli, but has never been implemented, is on the agenda again. This time, however, it turned out that the route would pass through Bar Street and [more…]


If Izmit Tram Line Passing Through the Walkway

If Izmit Tram Line Will Pass Through the Walking Road, Don't Do It: The November meeting of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council will be held today. There is an important issue on the agenda of today's meeting. For the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality Izmit Tram Project, Provinces [more…]