Konya YHT Station Completion Date

Date of Completion of Konya YHT Station: YHT Station Project has been started. The high-speed train planned to be built to the Old Wheat Market, which is one of the mega projects of Konya and will turn the city into a center in railway transportation [more…]


Rushing expropriation for wheat market YHT station

Urgent expropriation for Wheat Pazarı YHT station: Within the scope of the Konya High Speed ​​​​Train Station project, which turns into a snake story, some immovables will be expropriated immediately. The High Wheat Market, which will be held in the Old Wheat Market area last year, [more…]


The Council of State to Discover the YHT Station

Council of State to Make Discovery for YHT Station: There are new developments regarding the New Station, where discussions continue about the place where it will be built. Objections to the stay of execution decision of the Council of State regarding the place where the New Train Station will be built. [more…]


Land expropriated for Konya Yht Railway Station

The Land Expropriated for Konya YHT Station Becomes the Council of State: Konya Metropolitan Municipality, for the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) Station, which is planned to be built together with the General Directorate of TCDD, in the area known as the 'Old Wheat Market' [more…]


Konyalılar Wonder 2 YHT Station

Konyalılar Wondering 2's YHT Station YHT, High Speed ​​Train yok No lies, it is the biggest gain of Konya during the AKP period. For days, weeks, since there is no other gain that is considered for now. [more…]