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Evolution of trains

The evolution of trains: Unlike steam and diesel trains, high-speed trains that serve in some parts of the world today are less harmful to the environment. Railways, 200 has been part of civilization for more than a year. the xnumx'l [more…]


Yusuf Sünbül: When I Was Young

It was the beginning of the 1978 year, I was only 18 years old and had not even completed my first year in the profession. In the evening, while waiting for the movement of our train at the Basmane Station in the waters of 17.30, my master M. Ali Kütükçeken (let his ears ring [more…]


Black Bride - Story

When I said to Uncle Recep, “Tell me about the black bride and steamboat”, his broken-glass green eyes shone between his eyebrows, which were turning gray and shadowing his eyes like a tent. He opened his mouth with only a few teeth left inside and started laughing. this smile [more…]