16 Bursa

The Feast of Silkworm in Republic Day

Silkworm Enthusiasm on Republic Day: The 90th anniversary of the Republic was celebrated with enthusiasm in Bursa. The first local tram 'silkworm', produced under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality, left its mark on the ceremony held in front of the Atatürk Monument. Students read poems [more…]

local and national first light rail vehicle turkiyenin durmazlar green city
16 Bursa

DurmazlarSigned for Silkworm

DurmazlarSignatures were signed for the Silkworm produced by Turkey. Turkey's National Value Silkworm. Tender for Bursa's tram wagons kazanan Durmazlar Machinery and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, signed the protocol at a ceremony. From design to software [more…]

16 Bursa

Native tram Silkworm Turkey's Agenda (Photo Gallery)

Native tram Silkworm Ministers on Turkey's agenda, deputies, governors, district governors, university presidents, prosecutors and formed Friends of Assembly of businessmen, Bursa meeting in the Municipality's counseling produced in the local tram 'Silkworm to admired. Governor of Istanbul [more…]

Bursa cable car services will start soon

Bursa's New Cable Car Project Received an Award

The local tram 'silkworm', produced under the consultancy of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, and the new cable car line project were deemed worthy of the jury's special award in the 'Successful Municipal Practices Competition' organized by the AK Party Headquarters throughout Turkey. Bursa [more…]

silkworm tram
16 Bursa

Pride of Bursa Silkworm EurasiRail 2013

The Pride of the Burse is the Eye of the Peacock EurasiRail 2013 Bursa Bursa Municipality under the leadership of Bursa Durmazlar Turkey's first indigenous tram produced by the machine Silkworm, held in Istanbul and attended by world-renowned rail company [more…]

16 Bursa

After the tram, the local wagon

After the tram, the local wagon in Bursaraya The Metropolitan Municipality, which imports each of the Bursaray wagons from abroad to approximately 6 trillion, handles to use domestic wagons in Bursaray as well as the T 1 line. [more…]