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NASA's Istanbul share attracted attention

Sharing photographs taken from space with the title 'photo of the day', NASA chose Istanbul this time. In the photo taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station, the location of Istanbul and the details of the city were emphasized. National Aviation [more…]

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Travel to outer space by train

It will be possible to travel to space by train: If the "space train" project of an American designer is implemented, the journey to Mars will take only 37 hours. The train will speed up to 3 kilometers per second. Space that mankind has dreamed of for years [more…]

If you are hanging, nasaya is selling copper wire
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Sarkuysan Sells Copper Wire to NASA

Sarkuysan sells copper wire to NASA: Sarkuysan, which takes its name from the combination of the words SARraf, JEWELRY and ARTIST, uses 99,99 percent pure electrolytic copper in the production of navigational wire and it uses copper and silver alloy catenary wires. [more…]

Istanbul From Space
34 Istanbul

Images of Istanbul Taken from Space

Astronaut Jeff Williams shared the Bosphorus video recorded by NASA on his twitter account. US astronaut Jeff Williams' view of the Bosphorus, including the 3rd bridge, "Turkey. Travel around the Bosphorus. with Europe [more…]


Everything Ready For Native NASA

Everything is Ready for Domestic NASA: Minister Elvan, who stated that the work of the Space Agency, where they will gather all units under one roof, has been completed, said, "We are establishing the Turkish version of NASA." Elvan also said that they will carry TİB Transport Minister Lütfi [more…]