social distance rules are complied with in municipal buses in Mersin
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Do Not Stubborn to Ride When You See This Sign on the Bus!

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is meticulously signing the regulations in accordance with the social distance rules that must be followed due to the Coronavirus epidemic in urban public transportation. Acting in accordance with the Ministry of Interior's circular on accepting half the capacity of buses, Mersin [more…]

Health Package is Distributed in Traffic Lights in Mersin
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Health Package is Distributed at Traffic Lights in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to distribute health packages to citizens during the coronavirus outbreak. Health packages prepared within the Metropolitan Municipality are distributed to the passengers in the vehicles on weekdays, when the curfew is not applied, at the points where the city traffic is intense. Metropolitan, with health packages [more…]

health care package application in red light in Mersin
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Red Light Health Package Application in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey in the context of the fight with the coronavirus outbreak of the increase, the effect on the city's two different points along the 5 days with a new application that launched the car with a red light made the health care package distribution to standing citizens. [more…]

mesot is disinfected
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MEŞOT is Disinfected

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its disinfection works tightly throughout the city against the coronavirus spreading all over the world. Metropolitan teams have been intensely disinfected at the Mersin Intercity Bus Terminal (MEŞOT) in the recent days when intercity travel has increased due to the coronavirus epidemic. [more…]

Free access to healthcare professionals in Mersin
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Free Access to Healthcare Professionals in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer announced that the municipal buses will provide free service to healthcare workers throughout Mersin. Healthcare professionals will be able to use all municipal bus lines free of charge by showing their institutional IDs. Metropolitan Municipality, on the one hand, to the coronavirus epidemic [more…]

mass transportation vehicles in Mersin are disinfected continuously
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Public Transport Vehicles Are Disinfected Continuously In Mersin

Coronavirus showing the effect in the surrounding world and Turkey (Covidien-19) against the epidemic of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, is conducting studies with all units should remain vigilant. From the cleanliness of public transport, to informing the staff about the epidemic, from the application of maximum hygiene levels in public areas [more…]

Parkomat application started in Mersin
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Parkomat Application Started in Mersin

The Parkomat application, which Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer planned to implement in order to prevent the problems faced by the citizens in finding parking spaces in areas with heavy traffic and to allow tradesmen to breathe comfortably, started. Long to the road and curb [more…]

mersin buyuksehir advanced driving techniques training
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Advanced Driving Techniques Training from Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to organize training programs to increase the service quality. "Advanced Driving Techniques Training" organized within the Human Resources and Training Department, served in the Department of Transportation, including new female drivers. [more…]