new application two filling mugla card in transportation
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New Application in Transportation ..! Two Filling Mugla Card

In addition to all the payment methods used in the buses within the body of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and all the payment methods used in the ÖTTAs under its control, the 2-Fill Muğla Card application enables citizens who do not have an electronic card and guests who come to the city for tourism purposes without any problems. [more…]

hinges generate their own intercity bus station energy
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Menteşe Produces Intercity Bus Station Energy

Menteşe Intercity Bus Station made a great contribution to the environment and the municipal budget by producing the energy it consumes from its roof thanks to its roof consisting of solar panels integrated into the structure. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality's Menteşe district with an investment of 11 million TL and the sun integrated into the structure [more…]

new connection to the bus station
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New Connection Road to Menteşe Bus Station

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mentese district after the necessary permissions to the new bus station, to ease the traffic of the new connection road construction began. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, 11 Million TL investment in the district of Mentese bus terminal has brought a new [more…]

mugla urban design road percentage completed
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90 Percentage of Hinge Urban Design Road Completed

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has started with the investor institutions in the city center Menteşe Urban Design Road 2.etap street, road, intersection and infrastructure works completed 90 percent. Rifat Ayaydin, Hasan Ercan, Hasan Ali Yucel and Mentese District [more…]

muglada road works reached kmye
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Road Works in Muğla Reached 2450 Km

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality 2019 in Muğla in the 150 km across the road by making the work of citizens offered. Since the day it was founded in 2014, it has given great importance to the roads in its responsibility and [more…]

cold asphalt road asphalt works completed
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Asphalt Works on Söğüt Bozburun Road Completed

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality is one of the important tourism areas of the town of Marmaris asphalt Söğüt Bozburun road offered to citizens. İdris Keskin, the headman of Söğüt Neighborhood; ”Even though I am a monthly muhtar, 4 is more than the good services provided by the Metropolitan Municipality in our neighborhood. [more…]

ortaca dalyan road with renewed face started to serve
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Ortaca Dalyan Road Starts Service with Renewed Face

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality 2017 in 1. He completed the stage of the paving work Ortaca Dalyan 2. The stage was completed and presented to the citizens. Within the scope of 2017 year program, approximately 9 kilometers and some part of Atatürk Boulevard on the route of Ortaca Dalyan road [more…]

ortaca dalyan road stage studies started
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Ortaca Dalyan Road 2. Stage Works Started

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality 2017 in 1. He completed the stage of the paving work Ortaca - Dalyan road 2. The stage started. Within the scope of 2017 program, approximately 9 kilometers on the Ortaca-Dalyan route and completed the asphalting of a part of Atatürk Boulevard. [more…]

President Gurun made examinations at the Bodrum Bus Station
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30 of Bodrum Bus Station Completed

Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün, 24 Million 600 Thousand TL, bus station tender 45 Million 548 Thousand TL and 4 Million TL solar energy panels with total investment of 74 Million [more…]

mugla buyuksehir million thousand passengers
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Muğla Greater 118 Million 966 Thousand Passengers

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has been serving 118 Million 966 Thousand passengers in transportation since its establishment. Since the day it was established, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has developed a transportation network for citizens to travel more easily and safely. [more…]

mountain bike
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Mountain Bike from Karya to Akyaka

The Mountain Bike Season Opening Event, organized by the cooperation of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and Muğla MTB Mountain Bike Sports Club, was held in Yaraş City Forest. With an event that starts on May 11 and lasts for three days, mountain bike users can use it for recreational purposes. [more…]

work continues for unimpeded mugla
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Work Continues for Muğla Without Barriers

Police teams in Muğla informed the drivers by leaving a 'Don't Put You at an Obstacle' brochure on the vehicles left on pedestrian, bicycle, disabled roads and bus stops. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality police teams are parked at bus stops and especially on pedestrian and disabled roads. [more…]

hot asphalt
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Hinge New Bus Station Road Hot Asphalt

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Menteşe Between the intercity bus station and the district center, the 1100-meter part of Dirgeme road was put on hot asphalt and offered to the service of the citizen. With the 15,5 million TL investment of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the bus station offered to the service of citizens in Menteşe District [more…]

mentese intercity intercity bus service
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Mentese Intercity Bus Station Entered Service

80 percent of the energy it consumes from our roof consisting of solar panels with this feature and one of the first in Turkey Hinge Intercity bus station was opened with a large attendance. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality on the roof of the solar power plant with its own energy [more…]

Great Simplicity

Great Simplicity to the Shopper

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the ın Work and Route Permit Certificates kayb with the new regulation implemented by the driver of the trades to lose time and to prevent the loss of material goes where he operates. Due to its geographical structure, the of [more…]

muglada 4 bin 118 mileage on the road
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Line Work Done On 4 Thousand 118 Kilometers Road in Muğla

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their horizontal / vertical marking activities throughout the province. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality teams, in the scope of the horizontal and vertical marking work on the roads throughout the province, traffic arrangement, warning signs as well as missing or deformation [more…]