moskovada suburban trains go to summer schedule
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Commuter Trains in Moscow

Suburban trains in the Moscow region will be scheduled for summer as of March 25. According to information shared by the Central Suburban Passenger Company (CPTC) press service, due to the beginning of the summer season and the increase in passenger traffic [more…]

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New metro is being built in Moscow

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that the 40 billion rubles will be spent on the underground construction project in the capital. Ob According to our initial assessments, approximately 40 will be spent in billion rubles, milyar Sobyanin said. [more…]

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Explosion in subway station in Moscow

Explosion at the metro station in Moscow: A big explosion occurred at the entrance of the Kolomenskaya metro station in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Flames from the explosion were also seen from the street. According to the news of the Russian TASS agency, gas [more…]

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Expanding metro networks in Moscow

Metro networks are being expanded in Moscow: Moscow Municipality announced that 2020 transport connection networks will be built by 271, and transport connection networks (TPU) will be built at all stations built in the Moscow metro. 67 METRO STATIONS [more…]

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Moscow's 200th metro station opened

Moscow's 200th metro station was put into service: Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin opened the "Salaryevo" station, the 200th station of the Moscow metro. The station located at the end of the Sokolnicheskaya (red) line of the Moscow Ring Road [more…]

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Self-Propelled Metro in Moscow

Self-running subway in Moscow: After the necessary settings were made in Moscow, the capital of Russia, a subway that can operate automatically without the help of a mechanic was put into operation. In 'automatic' mode on the Koltsevaya (circle) line of the historic Moscow metro [more…]

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Moscow Metro Grows in Russia

Moscow Metro is Growing in Russia: The metro network in Moscow, the capital of Russia, is growing day by day. Finally, on February 15, a new line was opened as a branch of the 1st Line. with Rumyantsevo [more…]

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Minskaya metro station to open next year

Minskaya metro station will be opened next year: It has been reported that the “Minskaya” metro station, of which 50% of its construction has been completed, will be put into service in September 2016. According to the information in the press service of the capital's construction department, the "Minskaya" metro has its own name. [more…]

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Hovrino metro station to open next year

Hovrino metro station will be opened next year: He stated that the construction of the “Hovrino” metro station of the Zamoskvoretsky line will be completed by the end of 2015 and the station is planned to be opened in the beginning of 2016. Marat Husnullin, one of the Moscow city managers, said in a statement. [more…]

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Moscow Metro starts matchmaking

Moscow metro started matchmaking: Moscow metro has signed an interesting application. Moscow metro has provided a matchmaking application that will facilitate the work of passengers who like the woman / man sitting on the side seat but do not dare to meet. [more…]

Earth and Turkey Metro

Metro in the world and Turkey

Metro in the world and Turkey: Metro in the world and Turkey: Usually established in large cities with more population density and the city center in an expeditious manner and connecting the electrical underground rail station to the suburbs [more…]

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Moscow Metro Station 196 Opened (Video)

The 196th station of the Moscow metro was opened: The 196th station of the Moscow metro was opened on Monday. The opened Troparevo Station is expected to serve 200 thousand passengers a day. At the beginning of next year, the line will reach Moscow city center. [more…]

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Moscow Metro Crash Balance 20 Dead

20 Dead in the Moscow Metro Accident Dead: The number of casualties in the Moscow Metro accident has increased to at least 20 and the number of casualties has risen to 160. Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line after an accident [more…]