Kastamonu cable car project on the agenda again

Kastamonu ropeway project is still on the agenda: Kastamonu Municipality is planned to be made between the Castle and the Clock Tower, but after the permission of the High Council of Monuments was removed from the shelf, the Ropeway Project came to the agenda of the municipality. Kastamonu [more…]

35 Izmir

Renovation of the Station Building

Station Renovation Modified: Station Renovation Modified State Railways Karşıyaka Unauthorized renovations to the historical buildings Karşıyaka Municipality was stopped by teams. Notice on registered buildings [more…]


Old TCDD Hospital Serves With New Face

Former TCDD Hospital Serves with a New Face: The former TCDD hospital building, which is carried out by the Sivas Special Provincial Administration and carried out its tender, continues to serve the citizens after the completion of the works. Old [more…]

31 Hatay

Construction of upper station for Antakya Telefer

The construction of the upper station for the Antakya Cable Car project has begun: The construction of the upper stations of the Antakya cable car project to be built between the İplik Pazarı – Habib-i Neccar Mountain by the Municipality of Antakya to be brought to the city tourism [more…]

31 Hatay

Ropeway work continues in Antakya

It is reported that the excavation works of the sub-station have been continued in the ropeway project, which is under construction activities between the Yarn Market - Habib-i Neccar Mountain in order to be provided to the city tourism by the Municipality of Antakya. Antakya Municipality Press [more…]