Izmir Monorail Project
35 Izmir

Izmir Monorail Project Raised

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoğlu announced that the project, which will be the first in Turkey, was stopped because it was more expensive than the calculation. Shock at the project of 'İzmir Suburban ESBAŞ Station-Gaziemir New Fairground Monorail Line' by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Mayor Kocamaz, Let the Monoraya

Mayor Kocamaz, Mayor of Companies Come, Make Monora: Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz stated that they have applied for the Monorail Project to enter 2016 Program last August, [more…]

mersin monorail

Mersin Monorail Project

Mersin Monorail Project: “Monorail Project yeni, which is new in the world for the public transportation of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, is very modern and sympathetic at first glance. Today, such projects; subway, light rail systems [more…]


Mersine Monorail Project

Mersine Monorail Project: The Monorail Project in Mersin was introduced to the representatives of professional organizations and non-governmental organizations. Monorail Project, which will operate on a steel line 8 meters above the ground, in order to facilitate urban transportation in MERSIN, [more…]


Ambassador of Pakistan Düzcede

Ambassador of Pakistan in Düzce: Ambassador of Pakistan Muhammad Haroon Shaukat came to Düzce to inspect the Monorail Project produced by the Symmetry Factory in Düzce. He got on the Monorail at the trial station created by the Symmetry Factory at Çilimli Turn and completed the project. [more…]