yht bolu came out of the news
14 Bolu

News of YHT Bolu Balloon Released

Many newspapers in Bolu give headlines; "The President gave the order to the Ministry of Transport" Balloon appeared. Information about the high-speed train from the board of directors at the meeting organized by Bolu Donors Foundation recently. [more…]

ekrem imamoglundan marmaray move
34 Istanbul

Marmaray Moves From Ekrem İmamoğlu

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu stated that it is the request of Istanbulites that the transfers are valid in the transition from Marmaray to the metro line as well as the transition from Marmaray to the metro line. [more…]

turkiyenin OSB will be knitted with iron agar
06 Ankara

Turkey's OSB will be with Iron Webs

An important logistics investment process for the production locomotives OIZs with 331 is starting. important institutions in Turkey will cooperate to attain the appropriate railway infrastructure OSB. Turkey's OSB will be built with iron mesh. [more…]

Istanbul Airport Description from the Ministry of Transport
34 Istanbul

Ministry of Transport “Istanbul Airport” Statement

In a statement made by the Ministry of Transport; Üzerine The following statement should be made on the groundless allegations that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is involved in some media organizations, is investigating Istanbul Airport within the framework of security weaknesses. [more…]

High Speed ​​Train Lines
06 Ankara

High Speed ​​Train Stations

High Speed ​​Train Stations: The high-speed train operating between Eskişehir-Ankara and departing from Eskişehir at 16.35 was put on a monthly stop at 1 in Polatlı. If there are enough passengers, there will be a permanent stop. High [more…]

TL will be charged for passenger safety in the ferry
35 Izmir

1 TL Fee will be charged for Passenger Safety

In accordance with the regulation issued by the Ministry of Transport, 1 Starting from August 2019, the passengers in the car are also charged for the exact determination of the number of passengers in carriages and for taking the necessary safety measures. [more…]

Ankara Metro Lines Stations
06 Ankara

Ankara Subway

Ankara Metro: The Ministry of Transport has released an animation and information video on Ankara Metro. In this video, lines and wagons are represented as representations. Kizilay-Cayyolu Metro Line, whose construction works started on 27.09.2002 [more…]

sanliurfada ship license exam organized
63 Sanliurfa

Ship License Exam Held in Sanliurfa

Initiated by the Ministry of Transport 'Target One Million Amateur Seafarers' project under the coordination of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Amateur Ship License Course training and exam was held. Launched by the Ministry of Transport 'Target One Million [more…]