new metrobus vehicles in istanbul
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Istanbul's New Metrobus Vehicles Are Unveiled

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality brings new vehicles to the metrobus system, which is one of the most widely used public transportation vehicles in the city, to be produced in Bursa. The new metrobuses, which are currently being tested, will continue to be produced if they are liked by the citizens. [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT Metrobüs Project in Singapore

IETT Explained the Metrobus Project in Singapore: IETT, one of the most established institutions in Turkey with its 147-year history, told the world about the Metrobus project at the summit of the International Public Transport Association in Singapore. European Foundation for Quality Management. [more…]

233 Ghana

Metrobus Goes to Ghana

Metrobus goes to Ghana: Addressing the investors at the business forum in Ghana, President Erdoğan stated that the metrobus system can be used in the city of Accra and said that work will be done on this issue. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech at the Business Forum held in Ghana. [more…]


Metrobus will be on the way to Düzce

Metrobus will be on the roads of Duzce: Duzce Municipality is preparing to move to the metrobus system in public transportation. President Mehmet Keles said that in the first stage, 3 metrobus would be taken and then this number was transferred to 6. [more…]

Istanbul Metrobus Stations and Map of Metrobus
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Why is Metrobus having an accident?

Metrobuses are one of the most practical means of transportation for Istanbul residents. Millions of passengers prefer the metrobus every day. There are no handicaps. The biggest is the "crowd". The Metrobus system is a system that receives demand above its capacity. [more…]

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Jordan wants BRT system in Istanbul

Jordan wants the metrobus system in Istanbul: Mayor of Amman, the capital of Jordan, Akl Biltaci said that they want to benefit from the metrobus system used in Istanbul. Biltaci met with IETT General Manager Mümin Kahveci in Amman. [more…]

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Metrobus, the best transport system of 2015

The best transport system of 2015 Metrobus: The International Land Transport Association (IRU) determined Metrobus in Istanbul as the 'best transport' system of 2015. IRU's 'Smart Transport' awards were at the Busworld fair in Brussels the previous day [more…]

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The most convenient metrobus

Metrobus is the most suitable: Metrobus line for the last month, the occurrence of a continuous accident is being discussed. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, “Metrobus not for Istanbul, miniature scale is suitable for cities, erken said, Metrobus Managing Director Zeynep [more…]


Teams for Şanlıurfa Metrobus Infrastructure

Sanliurfa Metrobus Infrastructure Teams are working day and night: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which has initiated revision work on roads leading to historical places, continues BRT (Metrobus system) and road construction works in the region without saying day and night. in the region [more…]

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IETT metrobus renewing its fleet

IETT renews its metrobus fleet: Having the youngest fleet in Europe, IETT continues its vehicle fleet renovation works. IETT renewed its Metrobus fleet, rejuvenating the average age of vehicles in the metrobus system and passenger [more…]

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34 days per year

34 saves days per year: Metro, Light Rail System (HRS), trams and metrobuses were the subject of the thesis. In the thesis titled içi Urban Transportation Policies Far prepared by Ministry of Development Expert Faruk Cirit [more…]


Worry about BRT

Metrobus concern in Samsun: İbrahim Temurcan, Head of Turkish Transportation-Sen Branch. Recalling that the indoor sports hall with a capacity of 7 thousand 500 spectators, the Samsun Fair and Congress Center and the Stadium Samsun Projects will be put into service in Tekkeköy, [more…]

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Double-Door Metrobus Coming

Double Door Metrobus Coming: Different fare models are being worked on to reduce the density experienced on the Metrobus line. In order to spread the intensity throughout the day, it is planned to keep the wage high especially during peak hours. Metrobus Istanbul [more…]

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Metrobüse hour adjustment hike on the agenda

Time-adjusted hike to Metrobus is on the agenda: Different fare models are being worked on to reduce the intensity experienced on the Metrobus line. It is planned to keep the price high, especially during peak hours, in order to spread the density throughout the day. Metrobus Istanbul [more…]


Sanliurfa continues its work for Trolleybus Project

Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project continues to work: Şanlıurfa Municipality continues its efforts to implement the Trolleybus Project with 17 vehicles on a 28-kilometer route in total. Having completed the feasibility studies of the project, Şanlıurfa Municipality submitted the project to the World Bank. [more…]

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Metrobus coming to Antalya?

Is Metrobus Coming to Antalya? Akaydın: There is no emergency in transportation. At the meeting where the future of public transportation in Antalya was discussed, the metrobus option came to the fore. President Akaydın, on the other hand, is an urgent matter that requires expensive solutions for the time being. [more…]


Metrobus is coming

Samsuna metrobus is coming: Samsun Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, Gar and Tekkeköy planned to make the metrobus and plans to put it into service by the end of the year 2014. Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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Metrobus Metrobus is a public transportation vehicle used to reduce the traffic load with its own special lane. Metrobuses are able to access timely and timely stops in a similar [more…]