dirty air warning mask takin in subway
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Dirty Air Alert in Subway: 'Wear a Mask'

When he started coughing at subway stops, Prof. Air pollution measurement. Dr. Mikdat Kadıoğlu determined that the stations are 3 times more polluted. Kadıoğlu, "Those who are allergic to dust should get on the subway with a mask" [more…]

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Akbil cunning has been launched investigation

Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, by printing a card for someone else at metro and metrobus stops, kazanIt launched an investigation against the people who obtained three. By printing a card for someone else at Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, metro and metrobus stops, [more…]

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İBB's escalator doesn't work

The escalator of the IMM does not work in any way: The escalator used for the passage to Ataköy-Şirinevler metro and metrobus stops, which is an important connection point in public transportation, has been waiting for a long time. Everyday [more…]

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Istanbullular will read books at metro stops

Istanbul residents will read books at metro stops: Reading groups will be created for the people of Istanbul to read books at Marmaray and metro stops. Hil 7 Beautiful Reading ”will be held by the Seven Crescent Associations and“ 7 Beautiful Man ”book readings will be held. [more…]

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Istanbul's New Metro Stations

Where are the new Metro stops of Istanbul: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which directs 60- 65 percent of its budget to transportation investments, continues the tender and construction processes for metro-oriented rail system plans until 2020. [more…]

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In the Ankara subway flood prevention

Bucket precaution against flooding in Ankara metro: The 'effective' measure taken by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality against floods surprised those who saw it. Uninterrupted rains in the capital Ankara for about a week have also affected the Başkent Ankara Metro and Ankaray. [more…]