What about the subway project in Turkey
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When Subway Projects Situation in Turkey

After the Istanbul subway, which was brought to the agenda with the resource crisis and the crashes, the eyes were turned to the ongoing metro projects all over the country. CHP Mersin Municipality looking for loans for the metro in Bursa and Kocaeli metro [more…]

The cause of chaos in Istanbul traffic
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The Cause of Chaos in Istanbul Traffic

Professor Dr. We talked with Haluk Gerçek about the transportation problem of Istanbul, the source of this problem and how to solve it. According to the service of Meltem Akyol from Evrensel; “I think the first traffic comes to mind when I say Istanbul. Never progressing [more…]

Urban Railway System Lines Under Construction in Istanbul
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Urban Rail System Lines Under Construction in Istanbul

The construction of the metro lines, which are reaching the rescue of the people who are overwhelmed by vehicle traffic in Istanbul, continues rapidly. With the implementation of the projects, some of them planned to be put into service at the end of 2019 and some at 2022, the length of the rail system in Istanbul is [more…]

places where the important transportation projects

Yertaş Construction Requires Konkordato

Yertaş Construction, which was established in 1975 and signed important metro projects in Ankara and Istanbul, demanded concordat because it could not collect its receivables. SözcüAccording to Bora ERDIN news, Dudullu-Bostanci metro started at 2016 [more…]