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Hamsi Festival

Anchovy Festival on Marmaray: The festival, which will be held on Sunday, February 16, will be held at the Üsküdar coast exit of Marmaray and 2 tons of fried anchovy will be distributed to citizens free of charge. Accompanied by kemençes during the event, which will start at 14.00. [more…]

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The sea was finally seen, Marmaray ready for landing

The sea has finally appeared, Marmaray is ready for the opening: While the final preparations continue for Marmaray, the project of the century to be opened on October 29, the construction panels in Üsküdar Square were removed yesterday. Üsküdar's new image has emerged. In Üsküdar Square, 10 [more…]

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Tunnels Unite in New Metro of Anatolian Side

Tunnels united in the new subway of the Anatolian side: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş stated that they aim to have 2016 million people to use the metro daily in 7 and said, "This will be completed by the end of 2015". Istanbul [more…]

camlica mosque project
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Camlica Mosque Will Be Accessed By Cable Car

A 5.5-kilometer cable car line will be built between Çamlıca and Mecidiyeköy. The mosque to be built in Çamlıca will also be accessed by cable car. With the Çamlıca Mosque project, another crazy project is on the agenda for Istanbul. From technical studies [more…]

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The mosque will be reached by cable car

Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara said that a cable car will be built between Çamlıca and Mecidiyeköy in the television program he attended. The countdown has begun for the mosque to be built on Çamlıca Hill. Üsküdar Municipality participated in the live broadcast of a television program. [more…]