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Eurostar employees strike

Strike by Eurostar employees: Employees of Eurostar trains going from England to Europe left their jobs to protest working conditions. Employees of Eurostar high-speed trains connecting London, the capital of England, to Europe, to protest working conditions [more…]

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Benefits of the New Silk Road Ne Turkey

What is the Benefit of the New Silk Road for Turkey: The first expedition was made in the New Silk Road project, which is an important step in world trade and in which Turkey is involved. The new Silk Road connecting England to China via Turkey. [more…]

33 France

Eurostar Train Stops Stopped

Eurostar Train Services Suspended: It was announced that high-speed train services were suspended bilaterally due to the fire caused by the demonstrators in the section of the Channel Tunnel, which connects Europe to England, on the coast of Calais, France. Picture of Eurostar company [more…]

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Eurostar High Speed ​​Train

Disruption in Eurostar High Speed ​​​​Train Services: It has been announced that some train services were delayed and some flights were canceled due to the collision of one of the Eurostar high-speed trains, which connects the capital of England, London to Europe. Eurostar [more…]

33 France

Eurostar high-speed train stops

Eurostar high-speed train services stopped: It was announced that train services were suspended due to the smoke detected in the English Channel tunnel, where the Eurostar high-speed trains that connect the British capital London to Europe. From the official Twitter account of Eurostar company [more…]

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UK Sells Eurostar Shares

UK sells Eurostar shares: The UK has found its solution in the fight against the financial crisis by selling its share in the Channel Tunnel. The British government has its own percentage of the railway line that connects France and England from below the English Channel. [more…]

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We will pay the debt of the 40 year

We will pay the debt of Marmaray for 40 years: A part of the Marmaray project was opened on October 29. Since the day it was opened, many comments have been made about its deterioration and water intake. But the real debate was the size of the cost. on vagus.tv [more…]


Liberalized Railways

Our Liberalized Railways, prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications within the framework of the restructuring of the railway sector, and explained to the Unions by the TCDD management at the General Directorate on 08.01.2013, “About the Liberalization of Railway Transport in Turkey”. [more…]