homeland boulevard completed in malatya
44 Malatya

Homeland Boulevard Completed in Malatya

The second phase of the Motherland Boulevard, the construction of which was carried out by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, was also activated. The second stage work that connects Anayurt Caddesi with the junction on Sivas Road to Özsan Sanayi Sitesi breathes the traffic. [more…]

Anayurt Boulevard Opened to Traffic
44 Malatya

Anayurt Boulevard Opened To Traffic

The 1st Stage of Anayurt Boulevard, which is under construction by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, has been opened to traffic. The 1st Stage, which covers the intersection of Anayurt Street and Özsan Industrial Site Junction, will provide significant relief in the traffic of the region in question. [more…]

Changes were made to bus routes in Malatya
44 Malatya

Bus Routes Changed in Malatya

In the world and Turkey against the virus spreading to more choir every day in addition to the new measures to be taken at the local level also taken some decisions to increase the applicability of the measures. In this context, Malatya Province [more…]

malatya traffic will relax by alternative ways
44 Malatya

Malatya Traffic Will Relax With Alternative Ways

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the first round of the 25-meter-wide road project will be connected to Sivas road starting at the junction of the station completed. The first stage of the last work of the Metropolitan Municipality started asphalting works, a few days [more…]

atabey ferry way both expanded and paved
44 Malatya

Atabey Ferry Road Both Expanded and Paved

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality completed the expansion and paving works of Battalgazi Atabey İskele road. In addition to the new road construction works, the rehabilitation of the existing roads and making them conform to the standards of the Metropolitan Municipality, Old Malatya [more…]

44 Malatya

Pedestrian Priority in Malatya

After the declaration of 2019 year as “Pedestrian Priority Year” by the Ministry of Interior, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, at the points where vehicle traffic is intense in the city center and in order to create pedestrian awareness in traffic, [more…]

Free bus services to mismispark exhibition area
44 Malatya

Free Bus Schedules to Mişmişpark Fair Area

23. Due to the international Malatya Culture and Art events and the Apricot Festival, free bus services to the Mişmişpark Fair area started to be organized by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, Citizens Mişmişpark Fair [more…]

malatyada yksye students will enter the bus free
44 Malatya

Free Buses for Students Going to YKS in Malatya

Candidates who will take the YKS exam on June 15-16 will benefit from public transportation vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality free of charge by showing the exam entry document. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Higher Education Institutions to be held this weekend [more…]

samulasa is the new general
55 Samsun

New General Manager for SAMULAŞ!

Enver Sedat Tamgacı, who was originally from Samsun, was appointed as General Manager of MOTAŞ, the public transport company of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, as the General Manager of SAMULAŞ A.Ş., a subsidiary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Malatya [more…]