railroad memories fear of carrom

Railway Memories: 'Carrom Fear'

I cannot forget the danger of Carrom that I experienced in my Izmir Blue Train Service, and I still have that fear as I think of it. God bless us all from all kinds of accidents, I hope. I think it was the beginning of 1985, [more…]

ankara metro is entrusted to them
06 Ankara

Ankara Metro is entrusted to them

Transportation in Ankara subway is entrusted to Machinist Tuğba Çörtük and Melike Küçükbçakçı. VATLAT, who works 10 hours a day, is as ambitious as his male counterparts SABAH from Ankara to the news of Vuslat Ay [more…]

the magduriyet of halkapinar machinists comes to an end
35 Izmir

Halkapınar Machinists' Grievances End

Another important disadvantage of the machinists was resolved by the initiative and struggle of the Transport Officer-Sen. As it is known, traffic and traffic in the Halkapınar region of İzmir (Halkapınar Warehouse - Balıkesir, Uşak, Denizli) [more…]