34 Istanbul

Transportation to Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport, which is projected as the most expensive project in the world, is counting the days for the grand opening while the public is wondering how the transportation will take place? 3 built in the farthest point of the city. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Record Capital Increase from IGA

İGA, which undertook the construction and operation of the Istanbul New Airport for the year 25, increased its capital to 1 billion 790 million TL by increasing 6 billion 240 million. IGA, Fortune 500 companies with record increase [more…]

Here is the Number of Vehicles Passing the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Daily
17 Canakkale

1915 Çanakkale Bridge Tender Approved

The tender for the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge was approved: “As of yesterday, they determined that the files in the 1915 groups were sufficient for the 4 Çanakkale Bridge tender and that they did not have any deficiencies, and thus, 16 years, 2 months and 12 days [more…]

965 Kuwait

Limak won the giant tender in Kuwait

Limak won the giant tender in Kuwait: Limak Construction awarded the tender for the construction of Kuwait International Airport New Terminal with a bid of 4,3 billion dollars. kazanwas. For the contract of the project, which will have a capacity of 25 million passengers [more…]


3. Driver imported from Vietnam to the airport

Imported driver from Vietnam to the airport: Nihat Özdemir, President of Limak Holding, said, “We placed an advertisement for the construction of the new airport in a way that attracts attention, we could only hire 85 people. We will bring drivers from Vietnam,” he said. built in Istanbul and [more…]

Atatürk Airport closes

Atatürk Airport closes

Ataturk Airport is being closed: According to the TCA report, Ataturk Airport will be closed to scheduled flights at 2018. According to the Audit Report of the Turkish Court of Accounts General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) 2013 Year, the new airport to be built in Istanbul [more…]

34 Istanbul

Grand Airport Appeared

Grand Airport appeared: 3 to Istanbul. obstacles for the airport have been overcome, 17 will be laid the foundation in June. The name of the airport, now known as Istanbul Grand Airport, will be announced by the Prime Minister. airport deferred base due to Soma disaster [more…]

Intercity Railways

Investment investment in railways

investment in rail express: It is the center of rail investment in Turkey. Holding companies such as Limak, Kolin and Yıldırım established companies in the sector. Foreign giants looking for partners. Turkey is rapidly moving towards becoming a manufacturing base in the railway industry. Turkey's [more…]

3. Airport
34 Istanbul

What Was the Name of the 3rd Airport?

Third Airport ad is on air. The airport, whose name has not yet been determined, is planned to be named Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA). Tender with 22 billion 152 million Euro bid kazanCengiz-Kolin-Limak-Mapa-Kalyon joint venture to establish IGA, the 3rd Airport [more…]

34 Istanbul

Jobs for the Third Airport

Things are on the way for the Third Airport: The delivery of the site at the third airport to be built in Istanbul will be made in the summer as envisaged. With the hasty expropriation decision, the court process applied by some villagers was prevented from creating an obstacle to the project, [more…]

34 Istanbul

3rd airport doping to TAV

TAV's 3rd airport doping: The possibility that the construction of the third airport will be disrupted made TAV investors happy. Third airport tender kazanWith the freezing of assets of Kalyon and Cengiz Holding, which are in the current group, within the scope of the investigation, the construction of the third airport [more…]