highways in kosovo will be free this year
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Kosovo's Motorways Will Be Free This Year

The charging of the highway connecting Kosovo and Albania has attracted a great reaction from both Kosovo and Albanian citizens. However, motorways in Kosovo are expected to be charged later. Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rexhep Kadriu [more…]

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Pristina-Skopje Highway To Be Completed

Kosovo Infrastructure Minister Pal Lekaj followed the work on the Pristina-Elez Khan highway, which will connect Pristina and Skopje with each other. Minister Lekaj says the last 7 kilometer viaduct in the most demanding part of the highway [more…]

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Train Trolley in Kosovo: 2 Dead, 4 Injured

Drenas'ta crossing the vehicle crossing the passenger train hit the level crossing. 2 people were killed in the car that was dragged to the train by meters, two of them were seriously injured by 4 children. Accident Yesterday at 18: Drenas's at 48 [more…]

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Motorway Network in Kosovo Will Last Find at 2023

Kosovo has started the construction of a new highway. The construction of the highway between Pristina and Gilan has officially started. Speaking at the ceremony for the construction of the 22 kilometer highway, which will connect Pristina to Gilan, Kosovo Prime Minister Ramuh [more…]

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Train services will stop in Kosovo on August 3

In Kosovo, 3 train stops on Thursday (August). Trainkos officials say that the financial collapse was the reason for the stopping of the train service. Trainkos went into financial crisis because the government did not allocate the necessary budget for railways. Kosovo-Elez [more…]

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Train tension grows between Kosovo and Serbia

Train tension between Kosovo and Serbia is growing: The crisis, which started with the train that started from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and tried to enter Kosovo without permission, is growing. Serbia has enlisted its neighbor Kosovo, which it counts as its own territory. [more…]


TCDD organizes tours to Balkan countries

TCDD organizes tours to the Balkan countries Ray-Tur, the establishment of the Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD) Foundation, organizes the Balkan Tour between April 20 and May 4. In the written statement made by the Tcdd General Directorate, in 2011-2012 [more…]