Kayseri is a big city working for healthy transportation
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Kayseri Metropolitan Works for Healthy Transportation

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality disinfects commercial taxis as well as public transportation vehicles for a healthy transportation. The disinfection of approximately 800 taxis in Kayseri is carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality teams. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, disposal of coronavirus threat [more…]

Inspection made for healthy transportation
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Audited for Healthy Transportation

The audits and information of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality police teams to comply with coronavirus measures continue without slowing down. Commercial taxi drivers were informed this time by police teams. Metropolitan Municipality police teams visit taxi stands and comply with commercial taxis [more…]

The restriction on the street in Kayseri has frozen to the opportunity
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Curfew Restriction in Kayseri Turned into an Opportunity

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its renovation works on the streets that have become vacant due to the curfew. While KASKI performs infrastructure works on some streets in the city center, Science Works teams also carry out asphalting works. Metropolitan Municipality teams, as in the past weeks [more…]

Daily bread and transportation planning was done in Kayseri
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Planning for 4 Days of Bread and Transportation in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality made the necessary planning for the transportation and bread needs of the citizens during the four days when the curfew will be applied. The working hours of public transportation vehicles were arranged for the transportation of those who will work during the curfew. Bread [more…]

The derevenk viaduct connects the hulusi to the Akar Boulevard
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Derevenk Viaduct Connects Hulusi Akar Boulevard

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to connect Hulusi Akar Boulevard to Derevenk Viaduct and connection roads, which bring an important relief to transportation. Hulusi Akar Boulevard will be connected to Malatya Road through a connection of approximately 3 kilometers. Hulusi Akar [more…]

million TL support for public buses from the big city
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2 Million TL Support from Kayseri Metropolitan to Public Buses

2 Million TL Support from Kayseri Metropolitan to Public Buses; Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. With the instructions of Memduh Büyükkılıç, it was announced that approximately 2 million lira of support will be provided for private public bus owners and drivers. President Büyükkılıç's "with coranavirus [more…]

bus and tram opening hours in Kayseri
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Bus and Tram Hours During Curfew in Kayseri

During the curfew to be applied at the weekend, the working hours of public transportation vehicles were rearranged. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality organized trips in the morning and evening hours for those who have to work on weekends. Taken for the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic [more…]

in Kayseri, public bus quarantine
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850 Public Bus Drivers in Quarantine in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu gave information about the measures taken due to the fact that private public buses could not go on a quarantine decision. Decisions of relevant ministries regarding public transport within the scope of combating corona virus [more…]

health screening for bus drivers
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Health Screening for Bus Drivers in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, considering the health of both citizens and employees using public transportation, makes bus drivers have a health screening for precautionary purposes. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its work carried out within the scope of coronavirus measures. Provincial Health Directorate [more…]

Kayseri, use mass transportation mask is distributed to citizens
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Use Public Transport in Kayseri, Citizens Are Distributed Masks

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to comply with coronavirus measures. Studies were increased within the framework of the measures, the scope of which was expanded, especially in big cities. Metropolitan Municipality Police teams repeated the "Stay Home" announcements in different parts of the city and distributed masks. Kayseri [more…]

collective access to health workers in Kayseri
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Public Transport is Free for Healthcare Professionals in Kayseri

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç stated that the coronavirus siege, which affected the world, will be overcome as a result of the altruistic work of healthcare professionals. Mayor Büyükkılıç noted that in this process, healthcare workers made decisions to avoid transportation problems. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

coronavirus regulation on student subscriber cards in Kayseri
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Coronavirus Regulation for Student Subscription Cards in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality provided convenience for students who could not use their subscription cards due to the holidays. The card boarding balances that the students cannot use due to the interruption of the training will be reloaded when the training starts. Metropolitan Municipality, suspension of education within the scope of coronavirus measures [more…]

kayseri intercity bus terminal disinfected
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Kayseri Intercity Bus Terminal Disinfected

The cleaning and disinfection works carried out by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality against viruses and germs regularly continued at the Kayseri Intercity Bus Terminal. After the virus epidemic, with the universities vacationing, the metropolitan [more…]

We became the only country in Erciy for our skiers
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We Became One Heart in Erciyes for Our 250 Skier Martyrs

250 skiers who came together in Erciyes in memory of our soldiers who were martyred in Idlib and all our martyrs, opened the Turkish Flag and commemorated our martyrs with the Turkish National Anthem and prayers. Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Dr. At the commemoration program, in which Memduh Büyükkılıç also attended [more…]

Sausage eating contest in erci
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Sausage Eating Contest in Erciyes

Erciyes, which attracts great attention from Turkey and abroad with its world-class tracks and facilities, hosts different events every week. Erciyes A.Ş., under the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. with the sponsorship of Kayseri Commodity Exchange, "Patla with Sucukla" [more…]

Another first in erciyes ski resort
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Another First at Erciyes Ski Center

The world's most important ski centers in the last day of the semester holidays, one of Turkey's Erciyes Ski Center was filled and overflowed with tourists from all over the world. with many services that he managed to be the leader in Turkey Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality [more…]