ulasimpark turside has hosted
41 Kocaeli

TransportationPark Hosts TÜRSİD

All Railway Systems Operators Association (TÜRSİD) Electric - Electronic Facilities Commission 11 meeting was held in Kocaeli. Turkey's cities with a total 8 15 participants from various provinces ulaşımpark meeting took place in the home. Meeting; [more…]

smart signs from the city
38 Kayseri

Smart City Signs from Smart City

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. yönlendirme Smart Signs en developed by the company and providing guidance and information on parking lots were placed at the 11 point of the city. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Developed by [more…]

ulasimpark turside has hosted
41 Kocaeli

Transportation Park hosts TÜRSİD

TransportationPark A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is the Association of All Rail System Operators 11. The vehicle hosted a commission meeting. 9 attended the meeting of different municipal rail companies, as well as problems in the sector [more…]


Transportation Decision in Kayseri Metropolitan Council

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Council, gathered to decide the issues on the agenda. At the meeting, an important decision was taken on public transportation in the districts. The decision taken by the citizens of the district cooperatives to raise the request for a raise without being reflected [more…]


Kayseri Transportation Inc. Employees Meet at Iftar

The iftar program organized by Kayseri Ulasim AS for its employees took place at Wonderland Table with the participation of approximately 700 personnel. Program; Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Ferhat Bingöl, Kayseri Transportation [more…]

kaybis kayseri bicycle

11 More Stations to KAYBİS

Kayseri Transportation Inc. within the body of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. The “Smart Bicycle Sharing System” increased the number of stations of KAYBIS to 51. The opening of 11 new stations was held with the 3rd Bicycle Festival of Transportation Inc. In the city of Kayseri [more…]


Meaningful Visit to Vatmanlardan Huzurevine

The citizens of Kayseri Transportation Inc. visited Hacı Rukiye Gazioğlu Nursing Home. Within the scope of the social responsibility projects carried out by Kayseri Transportation Inc. all year round, the citizens came together with the residents of Hacı Rukiye Gazioğlu Nursing Home [more…]