Alternative route to kadikoyde iett buses
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KadıköyAlternative Route to IETT Buses in

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Kadıköy Due to the road work started in General Şahap Gürler Avenue, it has created alternative routes for IETT buses. A new stop is added across the Ayrılıkçeşmesi Station, so that Istanbulites are not affected by the work. [more…]

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KadıköyCountdown Begins for Suburban Line in Turkey

There are months left until the opening of the suburban line, which is the lifeblood of the Anatolian Side. The construction of the suburban line announced by the Ministry of Transport that it will be put into service in the last months of 2018 has accelerated. kazanwas. with Pendik – Kartal – Maltepe [more…]

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Kadıköy The dock is finally reborn!

Carrying over the fatigue of half a century Kadıköy Although the change planned by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for many years in its dock has repeatedly faced various obstacles, the renewal period has already accelerated. Temporary population during the day 3 [more…]

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Kadıköy Becoming the Center of the Metro

Kadıköy Metro is becoming the center: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbaş, Kadıköy He called out to citizens at the rally in the Square. As IMM, they invested 13 billion liras in Istanbul in 98 years, this year also [more…]

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Security measures increased in Istanbul

Security measures have been increased in Istanbul: Security measures have been increased at different points of public transportation such as bus station, Marmaray, ferry, metrobus and metro so that citizens in Istanbul can spend the Eid al-Adha in peace and security. Uskudar [more…]

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Eagle - Kadıköy metro doping to the line

Eagle - Kadıköy Metro doping to the line:Kadıköy EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme conducted field research in the districts where Kartal Metro passes through, and determined that real estate prices reached the top when compared to 2011. Kadıköy-On the Eagle Metro [more…]

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KadıköyRollover Car Entered Metrobus Road

KadıköyThe Tumble Car Entered the Metrobus Road in Turkey:Kadıköy The vehicle that rolled over in Fikirtepe dived into the metrobus road. Stopping the car one meter before the metrobus full of passengers prevented the disaster. Kadıköy A vehicle in Fikirtepe [more…]

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Transportation projects increased real estate prices

Transportation projects have increased real estate prices: Transportation projects, which all Istanbul residents have been waiting for with great enthusiasm, have increased the value of the regions on their route. The construction of the Third Bosphorus Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, which is expected to relieve Istanbul traffic, is in full swing. [more…]

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Traffic regulation for metro work in Istanbul

Traffic regulation for metro work in Istanbul: The distance between Mecidiyeköy and Mahmutbey to 26 minutes, and the distance between Beşiktaş and Mahmutbey to 31.5 minutes. KabataşConstruction works for the 2nd Stage of Mecidiyeköy Metro Station on the Beşiktaş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line. The area to be closed to traffic [more…]

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Ski championship championship champion

Inter-club ski provincial championship was held: The inter-club ski provincial championship competition organized by the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports and the Provincial Directorate of Skiing was held. Yuksekova's Clavicle [more…]


AnadoluJet brings Istanbulites closer to Sabiha Gökçen

AnadoluJet brings Istanbul residents closer to Sabiha Gökçen: AnadoluJet brings Istanbul residents to Sabiha Gökçen Airport for only 28 TL. The fixed price campaign of the comfortable airport transfer service offered by AnadoluJet in cooperation with SecureDrive, special to Istanbul, will continue throughout April. [more…]

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By owner explained: Marmaray lottery

Marmaray lottery. Marmaray, the most important project of recent years, was the first to make the railroad transition between Europe and Asia for the first time and it was also effective in real estate prices and rents on its route. [more…]

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Kadıköye havaray Project Ready

Kadıköye havaray Project Ready: AK Party Kadıköy Mayor Candidate Hurşit Yıldırım visited tradesmen in Acıbadem Neighborhood. Yıldırım, who gave information about his projects after the visit, took the “Havaray” road to the minibus to reduce the traffic density. [more…]

Istanbul Yuzer Parking Lot Project
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Istanbul Floating Parking Lot Project

Floating parking lots are coming to Istanbul. İSPARK took action to construct a floating car park to be used at sea. With the project to be realized, the floating parking lot period will begin in the sea city of Istanbul, and the parking lot problem will be solved by using sea areas. [more…]