Countdown to Akçaray

Countdown for Akçaray has started: Every mega project will have pains, of course, but the tram, which is considered a semi-mega, has had a lot of pains in Izmit. The first distress route for the 7 kilometer tram line [more…]


Trams in Izmit

The tram in Izmit was an ordeal: We received the opinion of the citizen about the tram which is thought to exacerbate the traffic problem of Izmit. A lot of people do not even think that the tram, which he believes to grow the ordeal, is necessary. [more…]


Trees on the tram line are being removed

Trees on the tram line are being dismantled: Trees taken over the tram line are planted again in the green areas after the vegetation process in the Metropolitan Nursery Center Kocaeli tramway and road in the Nursery Center of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Lemonade protest from the operators of the bars to be demolished

Protest with lemonade from the operators of the bars to be demolished: The operators of the bars, which are located on the route where the tram line will pass and will be demolished within the scope of expropriation, protested that they were not given a place by distributing lemonade. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Real Estate and [more…]


The Boulevard For The Tram Line In Izmit

Bulvar Excavated for Izmit Tram Line: The tram contractor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality finished the infrastructure works at Yahya Kaptan and started laying the rails. The contractor is now moving into the city center. They came to Bulvar [more…]


Izmit Returns to Meet Rails

Izmit Meets Rails: The first train tracks to Izmit were laid by Germans in the late 1800 years. In 1999, after the great earthquake disaster, the railroad was removed from the center of Izmit and the city escaped from the rails. Now, Yahya [more…]


Akçaray line's tracks are expected

The rails of the Akçaray line are expected: A thousand 146 corrugated rails belonging to the tram line Akçaray, which will launch the rail system in Kocaeli, are expected to arrive in Kocaeli. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to citizens the most economical, fast, safe and comfortable [more…]