Some steps of Istanbul highway
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Izmir Highway Opened

Within the scope of the giant Istanbul Izmir Highway Project, which will shorten the distance between Istanbul and Izmir and reduce it to 3.5 hours, new sections are also being put into service. Balıkesir Edremit Junction, İzmir Section Saruhanlı Junction and Kemalpaşa Junction, the construction of which has been completed [more…]

17 Canakkale

Giant projects will mark 2016

Giant projects will mark 2016: Some of the "giant projects", the first steps of which were taken by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications within the scope of 2023 targets, will be put into service this year. The Gulf Pass, which is described as the “necklace” of the Gulf of Izmit [more…]


First deck on Bay Crossing Bridge

The first deck was placed on the Bay Crossing Bridge: Works are progressing rapidly on the İzmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge. The first deck was also placed between the last two towers. The fourth largest center span in the world [more…]


Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge at night

Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge is brilliant at night: The Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, the most important passage route of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway, which will reduce the journey between Istanbul and Izmir to 3.5 hours, displays a visual light feast at night. [more…]

Binali Yıldırım

Transport is entrusted to Yildirim again

Transportation is entrusted to Yıldırım again: Yıldırım, who served as the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for the longest time with 11 years, until he resigned for the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayorship candidacy, once again [more…]

Osmangazi Bridge Project

Gebzeli Engineers toured the Gulf Bridge in Izmit

Kocaeli Chamber of Civil Engineers organized a technical visit to the construction site of the İzmit-Gulf Crossing Bridge Altınova-Hersek Construction Site, which will be the 4th largest suspension bridge in the world when completed, for the members of our Gebze Representation. 4th largest in the world [more…]

The Osmangazi Bridge

The toll of the Bay Bridge is astonishing

The Toll Fee of the Bay Bridge is astonishing: While the foundation of the Gulf Bridge was laid in 2010, the toll was announced as 35 dollars VAT. While the exchange rate was 1.43 at that time, the toll fee, which was 60 lira, is in dollars today. [more…]


Gulf Crossing ready per 2016

The Gulf Crossing is ready for the beginning of 2016: The construction of the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which is the most important crossing point of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway Project, which will reduce the distance between Istanbul and İzmir to 3,5 hours, will be completed in January 2016. bridge crossing [more…]


Gulf Crossing Bridge construction

How is the construction of the Gulf Crossing Bridge: What is going on in the construction of the Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge, which will reduce the Gulf crossing to 6 minutes? Here is the answer… One of the important bridge projects that was built within the scope of the Gebze-İzmir Highway project. [more…]