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New opened Pendik subway failed in second week

The newly opened Pendik metro failed in its second week: Kartal- IstanbulKadıköy Pendik metro, which was designed as a continuation of the M4 metro line and started its services on October 10, suffered its first major malfunction 11 days after its opening. [more…]

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18. Istanbul Tramway

Istanbul Tram on the rail: The 18th of the domestic production trams, which were started to be produced by Turkish engineers last year, landed on the rails. IMM, which halved the costs, made a profit of 90 million liras. To Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]

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One more subway line

Another metro line to Bağcılar: Another metro investment is coming to Bağcılar, which is the most accessible district of Istanbul. The tender for the Bahçelievler-Bağcılar-Esenler metro line project, which was put out to tender by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on 8 June [more…]

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6. Turkey UITP conference was held

UITP Turkey Conference Held: 6. International Union of Public Transporters (UITP) Turkey Conference, Istanbul Transportation A.Ş. was hosted. At the conference held at The Marmara Hotel in Taksim, he also attended the board meeting of the union. [more…]

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Istanbul needs 800 mileage network

Istanbul needs 800 kilometer rail system network: 9-10 Danyal Kubin, General Manager of Prota Engineering, one of the sponsors of Istanbul MetroRail Forum and Exhibition to be held on April 2015, as a remedy for Istanbul's transportation problem [more…]

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Metro solution to traffic in Istanbul

Metro solution to traffic in Istanbul: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez said, “People should be drawn to the subways with different activities to be organized to solve the transportation problem.” Especially in metropolitan cities where transportation is a problem, the metro and [more…]

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A Metro 250 Bin

A Metro Costs 250 Thousand Vehicles: It has been reported that thanks to the metros, which are the biggest saviors of traffic in Istanbul, at least 250 thousand vehicles have been prevented from entering the traffic. Dimensions of traffic jams in main arteries [more…]

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Battery chargers for disabled people in Istanbul

Battery charging units for disabled people were placed in the subways in Istanbul: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality implemented another service to make the lives of disabled citizens easier. Battery charging to metro stations in order to ensure uninterrupted transportation of people with disabilities [more…]

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By Istanbul Metro Kazanleg

By Istanbul Metro KazanIt has been reported that the metros, which are aimed to invest 2020 billion Euros in Istanbul until 10, will make great contributions to the city in terms of energy and economy. Transportation is the biggest problem [more…]

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Istanbul Tram in Berlin for Inno Trans Fair

Istanbul Tram is in Berlin for the Inno Trans Fair: The Istanbul Tram, which is produced in cooperation with the domestic industry, will be showcased at InnoTrans-Berlin, the largest international fair of the industry. Istanbul, which is produced in cooperation with domestic industry [more…]


Change of Mission in UITP

Change of Role in UITP: For the last two years, UITP Middle East and North Africa Transportation Excellence Center, which was established by UITP in Dubai with Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA), has focused on R&D and Education [more…]