where is the nostalgic tram of the flat
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Where Does Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Go?

Where Does Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Go?; The tram, built by the former Mayor of Düzce, Mehmet Keleş, within the scope of the Istanbul Street Pedestrianization Project, is the new Mayor Dr. It became history when Faruk Özlü dismantled the rails. Properly [more…]

16 Bursa

Rail System Injustice to Bursa

The need for lobbying for Bursa, which will have an impact on the national assembly and central government bureaucracy, does not fall from the agenda. Serkan İNCEOĞLU news from Bursa news is as follows; The necessity of the aforementioned and vocal deputy, [more…]


Nostalgic Tram Starts in Düzce

The tram, which was eagerly awaited by the public, started operating on the pedestrianized Istanbul Street. The tram, which serves from Düzce Municipality to the Military Branch, attracted great attention from the citizens on the first day of its launch. Düzce residents traveling on the tram, [more…]


Nostalgic tramway ready in Düzce

While the survey was planned to see whether Istanbul Street should be opened to traffic or not, the nostalgic tram produced by a company in Denizli was completed. The tram, which was produced for the first time in Turkey for Düzce, was designed by blending nostalgia and technology with minimum energy. [more…]


Nostalgic Tram Rails in Düzce

Düzce Municipality's Istanbul street 'Pedestrianization Project' within the scope of the Nostalgic tram began to lay the rails. Tram that runs from where the Istanbul street intersects Atatürk Boulevard to 15 July Martyrs Park [more…]


Everyone Falls on the Nostalgic Tramway in Düzce!

The nostalgic tram line, which is under construction in Istanbul Street, which was closed to traffic within the scope of the al Pedestrianization Project di, became a challenging test of the citizens. Recep Acar, one of the citizens who fell on the tramway, said, ım My head, my knee, my bruises. [more…]


Construction Starts on Tramway in Düzce

The works for the tramway on the Istanbul street, which was closed to vehicle traffic, were accelerated. Duzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams in Istanbul Street 950 meter section of the channel opened by accelerating the work of the tramway accelerated [more…]


Nostalgic tram works started in Düzce

In Istanbul street, which was closed to vehicle traffic, channel opening works were started for tramway. Duzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams will open the channel in the 950 meter section of Istanbul street. 'Pedestrianization' project on Istanbul Street [more…]

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Düzce Istanbul Street nostalgic tram tender

Within the scope of the Pedestrianization Project, the tender of the nostalgic tram that will blow the air of the famous Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu on Istanbul Street was held. The cost of the locomotive and rail auctions for the municipality separately 1 million 700 thousand TL [more…]


The tramway goes to tender

Duzce Tram is going to tender: Following the project to shut down Istanbul street to vehicle traffic, works have started for the rail system project on the street. Duzce Municipality started to work on the Istanbul street tram project. [more…]