How long does the Eurasian Tunnel cost per night
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Where is Eurasia Tunnel? How Much Are Tolls?

The Eurasia Tunnel (Bosphorus Highway Tube Crossing Project) is a tube passage that provides the Asian and European sides of Istanbul under the seabed. Starting from the European side of the Bosphorus, it continues under the water to the Anatolian side. [more…]

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Nightmarish days await Istanbul

Nightmare-filled days await Istanbul: The projects that AKP promotes as prestige, the 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport, Canal Istanbul, and the Eurasia Tunnel will increase the population of the city to 40 million. The city will become even more unlivable. [more…]

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Eurasian Tunnel 6 opens early in the month

Eurasia Tunnel opens 6 months early: The construction of the Eurasia Tunnel, which will connect Asia and Europe with an underground road tunnel, has come to an end. It is stated that the tunnel will be put into service approximately 6 months before the targeted date. [more…]

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The continuation of Yenikapı port was found

The continuation of Yenikapı port was found: The connection of Theodosius port was revealed during the connection road works in Yenikapı Square within the scope of Eurasia Tunnel (Istanbul Strait Highway Tube Crossing Project). Ongoing under the supervision of Istanbul Archaeological Museums [more…]


2023 project will fly to Turkey

2023 projects will make Turkey fly: Eurasia Tunnel, Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, Kanal Istanbul, High Speed ​​Train and Istanbul Finance Center projects developed within the scope of 2023 vision will make Turkey a role model. 13 years [more…]