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'Logo Change' Statement From Metro Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Istanbul stated that the news that "the 'M' logo used to represent the metro will be changed and millions of dollars will be spent on this change" are unfounded. Written from the official website of Metro Istanbul [more…]

Map of Metrobus Stops
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Work Continues at Yenibosna Metro Station

Work continues at Yenibosna metro stop: Istanbul Transportation AŞ announced that work will be carried out on the "M1A" metro line between Yenibosna-Airport stops. According to the statement made by Istanbul Transportation AŞ, M1A Yenikapı-Airport Line is between Yenibosna-Airport stations. [more…]


Excessive Taxes to Houses on the Metro Line

More Taxes Are Coming to Houses on the Metro Line: The metros that come to the fore with the idea of ​​abolishing government service vehicles will be discussed at an international forum in Istanbul. Experts in the forum, in areas where the subway of increasing value of housing [more…]

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Radical suggestion for metros

Radical proposal for subways: At the Istanbul Metrorail Forum, the idea of ​​receiving more tax on residences of increasing value will be brought to the agenda. Experts said, “We are investigating how we can provide the cheapest financing to the subway. Bunu the Government [more…]

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Local trams will be launched in January

The domestic tram will be put into service in January: Istanbul Belediyeler Bilgi Islem Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ Business Development Manager Dereli stated that the Akbil application will end by the end of this year, and that the domestic tram will be put into service in January. [more…]


General Manager of Alstom Transport Arda İnanç

Alstom Transport General Manager Arda İnanç: “We should focus on the solution with the most economical product life rather than the cheapest in tenders” As Alstom, we have been working in the railway sector on issues such as railway vehicles, transportation infrastructure and signaling. [more…]

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Which brand sponsored Istanbul metro station

Which brand has sponsored the metro station in Istanbul Istanbul Metro is the first in the world to realize the names of the metro stations are starting to receive advertising. First, M2 Hacıosman-Şişhane subway station in the Atatürk Oto Sanayi station [more…]


Trolleybus period in public transportation in Kütahya

The first step was taken in the trolleybus period in public transportation in Kütahya, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) organization Istanbul Transportation AŞ, in order to establish a trolleybus (electric bus) line within the scope of an environment-oriented project in public transportation in Kütahya. [more…]

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Metrobus number will increase

IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlıoğlu stated that they provide 315 or 4 hours transportation service with 24 vehicles on the Avcılar - Söğütlüçeşme metrobus route and said, "We have plans to create 1300 new bus fleets. [more…]

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There is another move under the 28 meter of the construction of Zorlu Center. 770 workers are working in the construction of the 230 kilometer area, where the 1 meter is the subway tunnel and the 300 meter is formed by other roads. Istanbul Buyukdere Street [more…]

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Intelligent transportation comes to Istanbul

Citizen, to reach the point with which means of transport as soon as possible to reach, transfer points, alternative routes, pay the cost of mobile public transport navigation without departing to learn. According to the news of the evening newspaper Nebahat Koç [more…]

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ANKARA - ISTANBUL High Speed ​​Train Project

High Speed ​​​​Train Project includes the construction of a new double-track high-speed railway with signal, fully electric, suitable for 250 km / h, independent of the existing line between Ankara and Istanbul. For today, the current line between Ankara and Istanbul [more…]