İSPARK Takes First Step towards Perfection
34 Istanbul

İSPARK Takes the First Step towards Perfection

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ISPARK provider, launched its technological and digital to speed up transformation and upgrading quality standards in order to further throwing the first step towards Turkey Quality Association Perfection "REMOVE" in good faith [more…]

34 Istanbul

İSPARK, 2 hours will be free at airports

1 hour free parking application launched by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in airports of ISPARK parking garages attracted great attention. In line with the increasing demand and the wishes of the citizens, upon the orders of Mevlüt Uysal, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Park at Ispark with Istanbulkart

Istanbulkart, which is used by the people of Istanbul every day in public transportation vehicles, has also started to be used in İSPARK parking lots. A new one has been added to the works of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of Smart City vision. 20 million citizens each [more…]


Parking fees can be paid with Istanbulkart

Parking fees can be paid with Istanbulkart: Drivers can now pay with Istanbulkart in their ISPARK parking lot. If the driver has used any public transport before entering the parking lot, the transfer system will be kept in effect and a reduction in the parking fee will be made. [more…]