Yozgat's YHT and Airport Projects Continuously Continue

important of Yozgat kazanWork continues intensively on the "High Speed ​​​​Train" and "Airport Projects", which are among the projects. Those who want to reach their hometown of Yozgat with the dream of meeting their loved ones during the holidays will be using the High Speed ​​​​Train in 2019. [more…]


State Railways lie special claims to privatize

The allegations that the State Railways will be privatized are false: TCDD 6th Regional Director Mustafa Çopur denied the allegations that the State Railways will be privatized. Stating that TCDD will not be privatized but liberalized, Çopur said that infrastructure, stations, land and lines will definitely belong to TCDD. [more…]


Birds can't buy fast train

Birds cannot get used to high-speed train: “High-speed train üzerinde is on birds' migration routes and causes mass deaths. Although TCDD claims that birds will değiştir change their way over time Doğa, Doğa Derneği said “Birds train their way in front of them. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Housing Sales Stopped Because of Marmaray

While the Marmaray project, which will be inaugurated on October 29, is expected to increase real estate prices in a wide area, the citizens who own property on the project's route stopped their house sales in anticipation of a price increase. into service on October 29 [more…]


New project will be suitable for light rail system

Turgut Özal boulevard will change the face of the new arrangement work 'light rail' system will be made according to. THE INFRASTRUCTURE WILL BE SUITABLE FOR THE RAIL SYSTEM The new Turgut Özal Boulevard project, which was tendered the previous day, created excitement in the city, [more…]


Railways open to private sector

A General Directorate of Railway Regulation will be established within the Ministry of Transport. Infrastructure service provider will be the Railways Business. Infrastructure users will be both private and public. End of monopoly in aviation and competition [more…]