Hopa Batumi Railway
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Hopa Batumi Railway Connect

Hopa-Batumi railway're connected: the problem can not be transmitted by the Regional Prime Minister TIM President conveyed HOPE-BATUMI rail issue, Turkey Exporters Assembly President Mehmet Büyükekşi the request of the Turkish Exporters Prime Minister Ahmed was presented to Davutoglu. Prime Minister Ahmet [more…]

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Batumi-Kazakhstan railway line opens

Batumi-Kazakhstan railway line opens: An introductory meeting was held in Trabzon for the Batumi-Kazakhstan Almaty railway wagon transport to be started by Georgian railways as of February 1. Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association (DKİB) Board of Directors [more…]

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Trabzon Railroad Or Patience

Trabzon Railway Ya Patience makes you say we did not hear heard! This is the spring… We have been writing in this column for years, the railway story of our city. Here's another one. This time, we say, let's quote from the newspapers. Maybe, [more…]

Hopa Batumi Railway
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Hopa Batumi Railway Connection

We have a port at the eastern end of the Black Sea, 16 km from the Georgian border. Projected in 1962, 1972 completed and construction in Turkey operated by the Maritime Administration of Hope harbor. This port is 1997 [more…]