electric scooter re ukome gundem
34 Istanbul

Electric Scooter Is On The UKOME Agenda Again

IMM brings the directive, which it has prepared to regulate the operation and use of electric scooters, to the agenda of UKOME for the second time since the regulation has not been published for 7 months. The directive, which will be discussed at the meeting on February 25, is about scooter users and [more…]

Scrap vehicle pulled monthly in Izmir
35 Izmir

6 Scrap Vehicles Drawn in 184 Months in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gathered 184 scrap vehicles, which prevent traffic flow throughout the city, create security problems especially around schools, and cause visual and environmental pollution, at the Scrap Vehicle Center it established in Menemen. Scrap [more…]

pedestrian warning at point in izmir
35 Izmir

'Pedestrian First' Warning at 170 points in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to mark the ground within the scope of the 'Life is First, Pedestrian' campaign of the Ministry of Interior. The 'Pedestrian First' image, which has started to be applied to schools and pedestrian crossings at 170 different points, is after the central districts. [more…]

Radar Control

Vehicle Controls In The Rain

Vehicle inspections were punished: General Directorate of Road Regulatory teams, last year 75 roadside inspection station, a total of 34 million 942 thousand 988 vehicles were inspected. General Directorate of Highway Regulation [more…]


Description of safety electric bike

Electric bicycle statement from the police: Samsun Police Department made a statement on the subject of electric bicycles. In the written statement, it was stated that “Article 2918 of the Highway Traffic Law No. 3, titled Definitions, dated 12 July 2013 and [more…]


Syrian Plate Vehicles Supervised

Syrian Plate Vehicles Inspected: In Kahramanmaraş, police teams intensified their inspections on vehicles with Syrian license plates. Based on the complaints received by the Police Department, the Traffic Department of Kahramanmaraş Police Department, which created an application point at the Gaziantep highway Industry junction. [more…]

Radar Speed ​​Control

Speed ​​Control Without Radar

Speed ​​Control by Radar Without Plate: 2918 Highway Traffic Law, the realization of road traffic with an order, fatal, injured and material damage accidents can be prevented, in this context to prevent danger [more…]


Seat Belt and Speed ​​Control

Seat Belt and Speed ​​Control: Eskişehir Provincial Police Department teams, the seat belt and speed applications and informs the driver and passengers, while doing legal action about those who do not comply with the rules. Interest [more…]


Obligation for Electric Bikes

Document Requirement for Electric Bicycles: Mersin Police Department warned drivers to carry documents, since electric bicycles with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour are classified as motorized bicycles. In a written statement from Mersin Police Department, 2 [more…]


Corumda Motorcycle Inspections

Motorcycle Inspections in Çorum: The increase in traffic accidents of Osmancık District Police Department. It was reported that he accelerated the inspections for motorcycles and electric bicycles. In the statement made by Osmancık District Governor's Office, it was stated that traffic accidents experienced in the district center [more…]