Asphalt News

Durankaya Town Buildings and Asphalt Gospel

Annunciation of Art Buildings and Asphalt to Durankaya Town: It has been stated that new art structures and asphalt work will be done on the highway of Durankaya Town of Hakkari. The town with a population of 6, some of which is not muddy, is located near the road. [more…]


Vanda Highway Stones are in danger

Vanda Stones Falling on the Road Danger Scattering: Van weather with the warming of the snow on the slopes of the mountains in the high sections of the road as a result of melting the stones are scattering danger. Long winter followed by spring with bear [more…]


Overpass action by students and parents

Overpass action by students and parents: Students and parents, who wanted an overpass to be built on the Hakkari highway, where many traffic accidents had taken place before, in Van's Başkale District, closed the road to traffic. On the Van-Hakkari highway [more…]