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ATMs were re-installed in Istanbul metro

ATMs were re-installed in the Istanbul metro: Some bank ATMs in the metro stations on the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul were removed in January. ATMs, which are expected to be replaced in April as a result of the tender held in the same month, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Banks competed for ATMs at metro stations

Banks competed for ATMs in metro stations: Banks finally competed for ATMs in metro stations on the Anatolian and European Sides of Istanbul Metro stations on both the Anatolian and European Sides of Istanbul are available at all hours of the day. [more…]

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3. bridge

The money for the bridge is complete. The consortium member Astaldi, who won the tender for the third bridge, announced that 3 billion dollars was obtained from 7 banks for financing. The total cost of the project won by the partnership of İçtaş and Italian Astaldi is 2.3. [more…]

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Money found for the construction of the 3rd Bridge

An agreement was reached on the financing of more than 3 billion dollars, prepared with the participation of six banks, for the implementation of the Northern Marmara Highway Project, which also includes the construction of the 2rd Bridge to the Bosphorus. winner of the tender [more…]


The orders of the colonial governors

Year 1996. The World Bank 'report on Turkey' is preparing instructions by name. They're giving it to the government of the time. But they're not content with sending. 'We're the governor' palms in, they come to Turkey, in Ankara instructions're not telling authorities they face. 'Master and commander [more…]