Buses begin new era!

A new era begins in buses, including Turkey. Google officially announced the bomb feature for bus riders! The developers of Google Maps are getting ready to bring a very useful new feature to the popular map application. [more…]

Eurasian Tunnel Vehicle Passed Million
34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel Added to IMM Traffic Map

The route of the Eurasia Tunnel, which will be opened to vehicle traffic on 20 December 2016, has started to appear on map applications. The Eurasia Tunnel can now be seen in the desktop version of the İBB Traffic application. If Apple, Google and Yandex [more…]


Virtual Travel

Virtual Travel Is Not a Dream: Will we be able to take a vacation while sitting in our seats in the future? Robots make reservations? When we talk about long distance travel, do we think of space instead of Far East? Innovative technology in the travel industry [more…]